Q. How do i decide which coaching package is best for me?


  1. PRIME: If you are wanting more interaction from your coach, details about your nutrition,  and complete program customization to the location and resources of your gym. All programs are monitored and adjusted DAILY by one of our experts.
  2. STANDARD: If you are wanting to build a relationship with one of our experts, program customization based off goal setting, and program monitoring and adjustments WEEKLY by one of our experts.
  3. ADDITIONAL MONTHLY: If you are interested in our professional services for an extra month added on to your current coaching package.
  4. SEMINAR: Please contact us for any inquires or request for a seminar at a specific location.

Q. What IF i have questions or need help?

A. If your coach is not able to answer all of your questions during your check in, email your coach or click contact us to express any concerns you may have. Our website and custom resources will be accessible to you while you are waiting for a response.

Q. What does the training look like?

A. Your program is customized between you and your coach, based off of your specific goals.  Our experts use customized templates to make your experience user friendly and convenient to match your lifestyle. 

Q. How will you update and monitor my training?

A. As you begin you program, your coach will make sure you understand how to update your training log.  By updating your training log, we will be able to see all of your progress.  Prioritize your time with your coach during the check ins, this will be the best time to communicate our rationale on our updates for your program.

Q. I have a busy schedule, will this still work for me?

A. This is what we do best! We customize your program to meet the needs of your schedule. If you travel for work, we customize your program to design the workout based on the fitness center near your lodging.  This feature comes with our PRIME coaching package.

Q. How do i sign up for for my coaching package?


  1. Find the package that works best for you here.
  2. Select the pricing plan 
  3. Review your cart and finalize your purchase

Q. what should i expect after i have purchased my coaching package?

A. Your coach will contact you in 24-48 hours after you purchase.  Please fill out our intake form (you will be prompted as you add your coaching package to cart), your coach will be using your answers to ensure the time used for your consultation is used efficiently.


Auto-Template FAQ

Q. how are the auto templates different from a coaching package, or training program?

A. The auto templates will allow you to input the exercises of your choice- to best fit your needs. On the entire template we have given examples of exercises that you may chose to do instead. Our coaches have recommended sets, reps, and progression for your 8 weeks of training. It is highly recommended that you  contact us before making any changes to your progression. When you receive your template, you will need to fill the gaps to better customize your training. To best utilize the template, refer to your 'auto-template' guide, which is attached with your file.

Q. how Do I use the auto-template guide?

A. The auto template guide will be able to help you discover which cells to fill, and what exactly should go into the specific cells. You will notice specific cells on the guide that are highlighted, and each contain a comment from our coaches that will give you some better information on how to use the template for your training.

Q. how do i use the one rep max (1RM) Calculators?

A. You will need this calculator to help decide max numbers for the column labeled "1/3RM" on your auto template. You can change the name of the exercise, if you are interested in keeping track of a particular exercise throughout your mesocycle. However, all exercise EXCEPT for body-weight exercises are able to use this calculator. If you are uncertain of how much you are able to lift for a specific exercise, you will be able to use the calculator to advise. The cells are formatted on your spreadsheet to auto calculate the weight for you. Please do not alter the cells, as it will give incorrect feedback. The best way to find your 1/3 RM using the calculator is to:

  • Use a weight no more than 6 reps and add that number into the 'weight used' cell
  • For the weight you used apply how many reps you completed with that particular weight and insert the number into the 'reps' cell
  • Do NOT adjust the 'multiplier' cell
  • Again, insert the number of the weight you performed the exercise with into the 'weight used'
  • After all information is applied, you will have your new calculated 1/3RM

You may then start adding these numbers into the cells which will auto calculate the weight to use for your program

Q. How do I know how much weight to use for my workouts?

A. If you used the 1/3 RM calculator or you know of a recent max for an exercise you may enter it into the cells for the column labeled '1/3 RM'. Once you enter weights into the cells, your spreadsheet will auto-calculate the weight with the percentage recommended by your coach. If your exercise is a body-weight exercise, or an exercise completed with lower weights, you may leave the cell blank or manually add it for data keeping. As your weeks go on, you will be working with higher percentages. As you update, your program will as well.

Q. how do i use the exercise feedback calculators

A. Make sure you fill out all cells in the 'client information' section of your spreadsheet. Please know that your weight in kilograms will auto-calculate based on your input for your weight in pounds. Once you have completed this step, you will need to enter your resting heart rate, located in the calculator section of the template. All cells should display values one you have complete this step. Each section will give specific information to you:

  • Maximum Heart Rate, Percentages of Max HR, and resting HR are all values to help display efficiency and intensity. As you continue your program, you should notice your heart responding to exercise better.
  • Max VO2 is displaying the amount of oxygen your body is up-taking during exercise, The higher this value is for an individual, the better. However, this test result is very projected. 
  • Caloric Expenditure will be displayed in 3 different zones. The 3 zones show the calories burned for one hour if you were to work in that zone CONSTANTLY. It is highly unlikely that you are able to work in zone 3 for an entire hour. Instead, it is very possible that you are working across all 3 zones during your workout.Your number from zone 1 to zone 3 should be considered a range of calories you burn per hour. Please be considerate when using these numbers and applying them to your daily caloric needs and success with weight management.

Q. what is rpe?

A. RPE is Rate of Perceived Exertion. After completing all sets of the exercise, you will need to evaluate yourself using the scale provided. It is important to reflect on how easy or how difficult a particular set of an exercise was, as it will allow you to make adjustments for the weeks to come in your program.

Q. what cells should i fill to better customize my template when i receive it?


  1. Goals- Fill out as many as you would like. Its a nice way to make sure you are staying on track throughout your mesocycle
  2. Client information- Name, Age, Height, Weight (Pounds). Remember that weight in kilograms will be auto-calculated.
  3. Emphasis of exercise- change the cell to the type of lift or the muscle group you would like to work on.
  4. Exercises- change the exercise to best meet your needs
  5. Goal actual- The actual number of reps you completed for each set, or a top set after all sets are completed
  6. 1/3 RM calculators
  7. 1/3 RM cells
  8. Resting Heart Rate

Q. How many days can i train per week?

A. The template goes up to 6 days per week. However, it is advised you stay at a volume and frequency that you are best able to recover. If you are wanting guidance on going up or down in number of training days per week,  contact us.


Q. After I receive my template, will i be working with a coach?

A. Once you receive your template, you are on your own. The template is designed for you to feel encouraged on filling in the gaps for the remainder of your program. If there is an urgent matter, or if you are looking for assistance please contact us.

Q. What do i need to complete before i receive my template?


  1. Ensure you are prepared for physical activity. Notify your phsyician
  2. Have a Gmail account with Google Drive
  3. Complete the waiver and return promplty
  4. Complete the questionnaire during the checkout process- the information promotes customization!
  5. Add contact@pushpullperformance.com to your email contacts for a smooth transaction

Q. what should i do if i haven't received my template after purchasing?

A. It is never our intention to have your training delayed. Expect 24-48 hours before receiving your template by email. If you did not add us to your contacts, check your spam folder. If there is any concerns please  contact us.