Power Auto Template

Power Auto Template

  • Auto template for improving power for weightlifting and power lifting
  • 1 Google spreadsheet that includes the 8 week training program customized to your gender, how long you have been training (training age), preferred training frequency (training days per week)
  • 1 Google Spreadsheet that includes a guide to assist you with using the auto template correctly
  • Your mesocycle contains progressive weeks followed by a deload week to ensure you are managing fatigue and prioritizing recovery properly.
  • All templates contain recommended working percentages for sets and reps. The suggested weight for all working sets will be calculated in the template based off of your 1 rep max
  • Training is customized from the information given in the questionnaire provided in your check-out process. This ensures you to get the most out of your training.
  • Options to select your own exercises to focus on your specific goals
  • Templates include calculators that suggest a 1 rep max for most lifts, providing a range of caloric expenditure during your workouts.

*During your checkout process you will need to fill out and submit the questionnaire to ensure you will be implementing the template best suited for you

*During your checkout process, you will be sent a waiver to your email, that needs to be signed and returned before receiving your template.

*Please add contact@pushpullperformance.com to your email contacts for message to be sent directly to your inbox. Otherwise, please search your spam folder for both the waiver and templates upon purchase


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