About Us



Push Pull Performance is a group of experienced coaches with backgrounds in Exercise Science and multiple years of training for various competitions.

We're focus-driven, having already built rapport with hundreds of clients. The Push Pull Performance professionals have a combined decades of experience in personal training and coaching.

The team excels in the area of education, with individuals who are certified strength coaches, trainers, and teachers having obtained post-secondary degrees in concentrated areas.

We continue to look for growth personally, professionally, and physically, while continuing to be pioneers in the area of Exercise Science. Our approach is to design a customized program supported by scientific principles for you that provides optimum results while reaching your goals.

We notice the importance of your goals, we accept them as our own, and we continue to build off of your successes. Aside from our skill set, we bring the encouragement and motivation to handle the adversity of training, and to support your becoming.

Connor Brown is the founder of Push Pull Performance with the intention of providing resources to enable a healthier you, and understand that exercise is medicine.